The strategy we will adopt with this method is to select a handicapped breed, both level and nationally acceptable hunting – but not national hunting barriers. Each qualifying race must be limited to between 4 to 8 runners.

If you are operating from a bookmaker just pay attention to the board for the latest Bandar Casino Resmi  prices .

If you operate from home then you can use betting shows on TV for the race of your choice or take advantage of online betting opportunities.

Once you have the latest prices displayed then our choice will be outsiders.

You will be glad that there is a logical reason behind this, which I will explain.

In a small field, regardless of the quality of the field, it doesn’t matter if it’s a flat race or a jump, you’ll often get a race run wrong with the end result being a 3 and a half mile chase that turns into a five meter sprint and this means you can get a horse for a very low price. big.

This system works well on flats and national hunts aside from race hurdles. Very few obstacle course races have fewer than 9 runners. Those with less than 9 runners usually turn into 4 or 5 race runners and the prices are very low. True outsiders were rare and these races were best left alone.

When there are two horses tied up as outsiders then support them both as greater odds will allow this.

That’s all there is to it. I’ve been using this system for over 5 years now and it’s still consistently producing me with big-priced winners.

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