If you will search the internet for the best Bingo or Lottery Strategy, you will find it anyway. Let’s take a quick look at bingo (lotto): someone will suggest that the “only right way” to increase your chances of winning is to buy more tickets. Someone, on the other hand, would suggest buying fewer tickets so the profit is bigger. Some people suggest taking multiple tickets but opting for tickets whose number may be different. A person selects a ticket with a specific location number (square, diagonal etc).

As for the lottery strategy, the situation is even “better”, you will find many suggestions from simple to complex, “mathematically justified”. There are free strategies but there are also people selling “lottery winning strategies”. These guys even wrote and published a book called “How to win the lottery MILLION play” (the word million in big print, such a cheap old bait trick). Most lottery strategies are based on analysis of previous draw results.

They take the winning numbers from the SGP lottery agent lottery Situs Rolet Dan Terpercaya , calculate the frequency of winning numbers. Then, in general, there are two options: to bet on the winning number or to bet on the number that has a less frequent winning result. In the first case the player hopes that the numbers will continue to win more often (such a trend), in the second case the player hopes that the frequency of the winning numbers will be normalized and the rare numbers will win more often. There are also many other more “advanced” and “sophisticated” strategies although there are some people who do not believe in science and try to use fortunetelling or astrology strategies to guess the winning numbers.

Now it’s time to reveal the secret: NO IN-GAME WINNING STRATEGY OR BINGO LOTTERIES! Moreover, no strategy can change the mathematical expectations of the game. Your chances of winning will not change either if you pick a random bingo card or fill in a lottery card or you use another strategy.

Lottery balls have no memory, in each game they fall randomly. Trying to guess how they’re going to cut it is a futile exercise. That’s why I ask you not to waste time searching and studying useless strategies. If you like to play and you value the hope of winning, play but remember that winning is a matter of luck.

The only possible chance of getting is to play games with a larger payout percentage. It’s easy to calculate the percentage: it’s the ratio of prize money paid to tickets sold. That is, the players receive only half of the money deposited (the rest is shared by the organizer, distributor, country, TV etc). Unfortunately, only in TV lotteries it is easy to find out the percentage, in bingo or instant lotteries it is difficult or impossible. That is, the math is the same but there is no information about the prize funds (in instant lotteries) or about the money raised (in bingo). However, there are approximate payouts: in bingo the payout is 60-90%, in instant lotteries 50-70%.

In comparison, in online casino games the payout percentage can be calculated, for keno for example using combinatorial analysis you can calculate the payouts exactly. Each casino sets a series of payout scale options based on how many numbers are drawn according to the number selected on the ticket and according to the “paytable” selected with respect to the bet amount, they generally vary in the 75-95% range. In slots, the payout percentage is generally 90-98%, in roulette 97.3%, in blackjack and videopoker – 99.5%.

I repeat again, we don’t know the payout percentage in bingo (we don’t know the number of tickets sold). In principle, playing many times in the same bingo room you can calculate the payout percentage in practice. It is enough to divide the amount earned into spent and you will find the estimate but you will have to play for a long time so that this estimate is close to reality. In general, find out the payout percentage and play where it is the greatest and best of luck!