Calculation of Winning Asian Handicap Bet Money (HDP)

Things that need to be considered when we have decided to bet on one of the teams in the SBOBET ball market.

Enter your bet and click Place Bet to place a bet or Cancel to cancel the bet.

Check the information displayed on the betting ticket to ensure that the bet details are correct and then click on place a bet.

Decimal amounts such as 4.50 or 8.88, cannot be placed on bets.

Your bet cannot be canceled if you have pressed Place daftar judi bola online Bet, unless rejected by the SBOBET system. If your bet has passed all verification and has been checked by SBOBET, it will be accepted by the SBOBET system.

Betting Winning Count will be done after the match has finished, how to calculate the bet winning money you can read more fully here.

Click accept all prices to play with SBOBET’s updated markets, after checking bets correctly click on “place bets” to confirm bets are valid or final.

After you bet on the Asian Handicap market, here will explain more about how to calculate the winning bet money. For more details, see the example of the Asian Handicap Football bet below:
SBOBET Asian Handicap (HDP) Betting Market

Explanation on the picture of the Asian Handicap (HDP) betting market:

[Guest/Chelsea] The Favorite Team is colored in red.
[Home/Wolverhampton.W] The Underdog Team is colored blue.
[HDP 0.5] Favorite Team Chelsea scored a half goal deficit (0.5) before the game started,”Favourite Team: Chelsea(-0.5) Underdog Team: Wolverhampton(0.5)”.
[House 1.06] Market Price for Home Team (Home).
[Guest -1.19] Market Price for Away Team (Away)