In the world of online gaming, betting using real money, there are many types of games available that can be enjoyed by all bettors around the world. Games that include animals as objects of betting in online game games are also very high in demand. We call it like cockfighting games, bullfighting, shooting fish, dog racing, horse racing, etc.

One of the online games for real money betting that the admin will discuss in our meeting this time is a fish shooter game provided by one of the well-known and well-known websites throughout the Southeast Asian region, namely Joker388 (Joker Gamng). This game does look easy. for common people. Even though shooting fish is quite difficult because it is against the engine or game algorithm that has been arranged.

In ancient times, this game actually existed and was played by many people in Indonesia, but in the past, in order to enjoy this game, bettors had to leave their homes by visiting children’s playgrounds such as Timezone, Amazone, Dufan and several other places. . But now, with the advancement of the world of technology, this game already exists and can be played online using an Android / iOS Iphone smartphone.

Cheat Tricks Playing Fish Shoot Joker388

As in the title of the article that the admin gave this time, cheat tricks can be used to play the joker123 online fish shooting game so that you can win easily. Of course, for all online game players, winning anything is the top priority, including in this game. Well,,, therefore for all of you who want to win in this fish shooting game, use the cheat method below:

1. Target Big Fish => because big fish have much bigger points for sure, therefore aim for big fish surrounded by small fish. Make sure not to waste your bullets too much on the small fish.

2. Change Seat => after getting enough points when you play, move to another seat so you can try the luck of other seats.

3. Be patient and relaxed => don’t be too hasty and eager to win big fish even though you only have a few bullets / ammunition, try to collect bullets by hunting small fish first.

4. Use Good Bullets or Weapons => you do this with the aim of making the target you want to die more easily so you can get a lot of points while playing.

5. Target the Big Fish Targeted by Other Players => especially when the fish is almost dead, there is a chance that you will win the fish without wasting too many bullets.

6. Focus on Fish Bringing Treasure => Aim for this type of fish because this fish brings treasure nom de plume big stake if you manage to kill it, this fish doesn’t appear too often so try to get it when this type of fish appears.

7. Playing Casually => The key to winning this game is to play as comfortably and casually as possible without having to rush to hunt the fish in this game. If you are in a hurry, it will only cause a sense of panic so you will only waste bullets.

That’s the explanation from the admin on this occasion regarding Cheat Tricks that can be used to play Joker388 fish shooting, please try the cheat method that we provide in the online fish shooting game with the slot joker88 agent right now. If you have difficulty in the game, you can communicate with our Customer Service who is on duty 24 hours so that you get a user id directly !!!