How to Play Asian Handicap (HDP) Betting on SBOBET

To play bets on the sbobet online site , you can directly play it on the live (live) soccer market table.

To search for other Football matches you have to click on the bandar bola terbaik sport then select Soccer to display all types of Football betting markets.

“Our example picks today’s football market” and you choose a match below:

SBOBET Single Line Ball Market Display

Click on the price that we want to place, for example, you choose the “EIBAR Guest” bet which means the (Featured Team) betting ticket will open in the panel on the left of the page as shown below:

SBOBET Market Price Display

“The image above is an example of a meaningful bet:

You place a bet on the Featured Team (usually highlighted in red) “Eibar”.
Eibar HDP markets -0.25 (0.5 goals deficit) from the underdogs.
The pair at 1.08 Price became 1.07 due to the Price update.
With a bet of 25 units (SBOBET Indonesia 1 unit bet Rp.1000 which means the bet is Rp.25,000)”