Jakarta Stablecoin & The Future Currencies Meetup 2019 which took place on November 18, 2019 at the Capitol Building Jakarta, was lively. The enthusiasm of stablecoin enthusiasts can be seen from the large number of visitors who fill the room to attend presentations and panel discussions and are followed by Networking events.

“Although this is the first event to discuss Stablecoins at the Indonesia Blockchain Week event, it is very exciting for me, all the seats provided are fully occupied. The participants who attended were also quite active and very enthusiastic about following the explanations from the speakers, especially during the panel discussion session, many participants wanted to ask questions,” said Christine Natalia Ginting, Head of Community Manager of Tokocrypto.

Shaun Djie, one of the speakers representing Digix, automate trading said the same thing, “I am very happy to be able to share about stablecoins at this event, even though this is the first event conducted by Tokocrypto, but I think the event was quite successful and the participants who attended were indeed those who have own passion for the development of stablecoins in Indonesia, I hope that next year it can be held again and even more festive.” he said.

In addition to the presence of Digix which is a gold-based stablecoin, the event which was held on the first day of the Indonesia Blockchain Week event was also enlivened by the presence of the Rupiah Token (IDRT), a stablecoin that is linked to the rupiah currency where the value of 1 IDRT is equal to Rp.1 and also from Tokocrypto itself.

The 2019 Stablecoin & Future Currencies Meetup event is one part of various events at the Indonesia Blockchain Week event which was first held in Indonesia.