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Have you ever heard of the word Sbobet ? For ordinary people, these words may sound foreign, but for some people who often play bets online, they will definitely know what Sbobet is. Sbobet is an online sports betting and casino site known as online gambling. Sbobet can be accessed via the link . In Manila-Philippines Sbobet has been licensed by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation , while in Europe Sbobet has been licensed by the government of the Isle of Man . The Sbobet site itself has been established since 2004 in Europe, and became the first official operator for live dealer casinosin February 2009 on the Isle of Man .
The online gambling site Sbobet is very well known in Europe and is one of the largest and situs bola terpercaya legalized gambling sites in European countries. Even Sbobet has also been trusted to sponsor several football teams in European countries, such as Cardiff City (2010 – 2011) and West Ham United (2012 – 2013).
In the 2013 – 2014 season, Sbobet entered into betting partnership agreements with several English Premier League teams as official partners for Asian betting , namely Swansea City, West Ham United, Southampton, Hull City and Norwich City . Sbobet has a variety of games that you can place bets on, such as sports and live casino games that we can play and watch live, such as playing live casinos from abroad.
At an event organized by eGaming Magazine at the EGR Awards , Sbobet has received an award for the “ Asian Operator of The Year” nomination (2009 – 2010). Even Sbobet is also ranked 11th on the list of 50 most influential operators released by eGaming Review in 2011.

Sbobet Controversy
In addition to several achievements that have been received by Sbobet, Sbobet has also carried out several controversies in the world of online gambling, including:
1. Sobet’s controversy occurred in October 2008 regarding the scandal in the Football Association (FA) championship between Norwich City and Derby County. Sbobet was accused of allegedly committing a violation in the form of a possible match – fixing, so the Football Association or FA asked for evidence of the scandal. However, Sbobet rejected the request submitted by the Football Association or the FA, they considered the Football Association or the FA to do something excessive. Because it can violate customer privacy. Which in that match was won by Derby County with a score of 2-1. The Football Association or FA could not find any evidence of Match – Fixing in the match.
2. The same thing happened on 24 September 2009, Sbobet was reported by Bulgarian news agencies and 24 Chasa Daily , in their articles both news agencies gave false news related to Match – Fixing in football matches between teams Levski and CSKA Sofia . However, in the end, the news agency gave a correction to the article they published, in the correction article they stated that Sbobet had never committed fraud as they alleged, and apologized to Sbobet for the misinformation they previously provided.
3. In October 2009, Sbobet and 188BET were criticized by representatives of the English Premier League, they criticized the 2 online gambling sites for deliberately offering youth soccer betting directly in youth football games, representatives from the English premier league reasoned that age teenagers should not enter into international gambling. Eventually the site was banned and dismissed for making bets on teenagers.
4. The issuance of a regulation by the Remote Gambling Bill in October 2014 which was ratified by the Singapore Parliament regarding the prohibition of all forms of money betting made using long-distance communication, including using telephone, television, radio and also related to other communication technologies. All of these regulations apply to individuals, facilitators, online gambling agents, as well as operators. Even websites and payment transactions will be blocked, and ads will be banned. Although this law will only be implemented in 2015, but Sbobet has committed not to accept all kinds of transactions and bets from countries that do not legalize online gambling. Sbobet will comply with all applicable regulations in countries that do not legalize online gambling.
In Asia, especially Indonesia, previously it was very difficult for online gambling enthusiasts to register and also access the official Sbobet website, which is because when users want to play on the site, users have to pay using dollar currency. But now online gambling enthusiasts no longer find it difficult, because many Sbobet agents in Asia have sprung up, with deposit and withdrawal payment systems using the currency rates of the countries that are Sbobet agents. Even in Indonesia, there are also many agents who become Sbobet partners, these agents also provide many attractive offers in the form of cash back for gambling enthusiasts.
In the world of online gambling, Sbobet is a very famous online gambling site and is in great demand for online gambling enthusiasts to visit. The games offered are also very diverse, especially for football lovers, they can watch live famous football matches abroad that they will excel at. They can also see live casino games, so it is very unlikely that fraud or manipulation of winnings will occur.